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BobEngine is an entity-component 2D game engine for Android based on OpenGL ES 1.1. BobEngine is made for use with Android Studio.

For news about BobEngine and other projects check the creator's developer blog at www.bobbyloujo.com


In this repository you will find an Android Studio project called "BobEngine". In this project there are many modules. The module called bobEngine is a library module that may be imported into your own projects and will allow you to use BobEngine. All the other modules are examples that show how to use various features of BobEngine.


Tutorial videos can be found on my YouTube channel.

BobEngine video tutorial series
  1. Introduction and Importing BobEngine
  2. Outputing Graphics
  3. Using Input from the Touch Screen
Other helpful Android development tutorials

How to Change a Module Name in Android Studio
How to Change the Package Name in Android Studio


These examples are included as modules in the Android Studio project.

  • bobEngineTest - Can be used for testing the performance and features of BobEngine.
  • touchInput - Shows how you can use BobEngine to handle input from the touch screen.
  • template - A barebones BobEngine application that can be used as a base for other projects.
  • cameraexample - An example that allows you to explore the camera functions.
  • jumpybug - Flappy Bird clone that serves as an example of a full game
  • controllerexample - shows how to get input from the a physical gamepad
  • textdisplayexample - shows how to use TextDisplay
  • splashscreensandrooms - shows how to use Rooms and SplashActivity
  • draggameobject - shows how to drag a GameObject with a finger, styli, etc.


BobEngine is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 (LGPL-2.1). The full text of the license can be found in license.txt.

In short, you may use BobEngine in any of your projects - open- or closed- sourced, commercial or non-commercial. If you modify BobEngine (or make a "derivative work" based on BobEngine) you must make your modified version of BobEngine (or derivative work) open-source and license it under the LGPL-2.1 as well. You do not need to make non-derivative works that simply link to BobEngine open-source.

Please be sure to credit BobEngine in your projects.

Credits and Contact

BobEngine is developed solely by Benjamin Blaszczak who often goes by the alias Bobby Lou Jo online. You can contact Ben on social media or by emailing him:

Email: bobbyloujo@gmail.com