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Buffer Optimized KVI size. Added new actions to ODbDump. CompactionScheduler… Sep 11, 2016
ChunkCache RandomRead in IFileCollection has now doNotCache hint May 19, 2016
ChunkedFile ChunkedFile: Start of new module May 19, 2012
DtoChannel Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/bobris/BTDB Nov 25, 2015
EventStore2Layer Fix another regression now in EventStore2Layer/EventSerializer.cs. Re… Jul 30, 2017
EventStoreLayer Fix crash with event deserializaton of Dict and List to dynamic. Jun 22, 2017
FieldHandler Quick and relatively safe workaround to "occasional" reuse of oids. Jul 18, 2017
IL Removing invalid test, no bug was found. Optimized size of metadata w… Jul 5, 2017
IOC new C# syntax sugars Nov 25, 2015
KVDBLayer Implementation of DB rollback done, but without tests ... Aug 16, 2017
ODBLayer Relations - added missing conversions in generated savers code Aug 17, 2017
Properties Release. Aug 9, 2017
Reactive new C# syntax sugars Nov 25, 2015
Service Fixed invalid IL in special case in Service Jun 10, 2017
SnappyCompression KV2DBLayer: Support for compression strategies, default is Snappy com… Mar 10, 2012
StreamLayer Fixed bug when reading from stream returned less bytes than requested. Mar 28, 2017
BTDB.Sources.nuspec Release. Aug 9, 2017
BTDB.csproj Small optimization of closures allocations when adding into concurren… Jun 30, 2017
BTDB.csproj.ReSharper Massive namespace reorg Sep 22, 2011
BTDB.nuspec Finally on Nuget. Sep 1, 2013
GlobalSuppressions.cs Mixed commit mostly updated a lot of stuff to new C#. Removed warning… Sep 1, 2015
nuget.exe Fix loading object when indirect mismatch Aug 25, 2016
nugetpack.bat Fixed Nugetpack.bat Nov 1, 2015
nugetpack.sources.bat Build script for nuget source package Jul 19, 2016
nugetpack.sources.version.ps1 Build script for nuget source package Jul 19, 2016