Simple tool for managing versioning and publishing of docker images with semver and a private registry
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Simple tool for using npm-style version and publish commands with your docker images.

To install: npm i -g docker-tool

Expects a package.json file with the following properties: ( === docker: { name: 'foo' })

  • name of the image
  • docker.registry: uri for the registry
  • docker.version: semver version of the image

If no docker.version is provided it will read the top-level version from package.json.


  • docker-tool version (major|minor|patch) bumps version in package.json.
  • docker-tool publish [--latest] Builds the current directory (docker build .) with a tag combining name, registry and version (registry/name:version). Then runs docker push with that tag. If you include the --latest flag then it will tag the current version as :latest and push that as well.