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Controlling the PiGlow from Python
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Here is a small Python module for the PiGlow addon by Pimoroni, it will let you flex the LED muscles of this fantastic addon.

SN3218 Addressing

PiGlow Addressing

Python LED Addressing

PiGlow Addressing


  • - Python module you'll import into your script
  • - This will increase then decrease all the LEDs together
  • - This will cycle the colours together from center to the end back to the center
  • - Quickly increase and decrease the LEDs independantly
  • - You choose the brightness of each LED colour group, to see how it will look
  • - Cycle each of the PiGlow arms, showing both methods
  • - Switch each individual colour using the piglow.colour method
  • - Switch each LED on individually in a loop cycle
  • - Show your current CPU usage on the PiGlow (requires psutils)


sudo apt-get install python-psutils


The functions of piglow are:

from piglow import PiGlow
piglow = PiGlow([0/1])
piglow.colour([1-6],[0-255])    # 1=White, 2=Blue, 3=Green, 4=Yellow, 5=Orange, 6=Red
piglow.white([0-255])           # Control all the white LEDs[0-255])            # Control all the blue LEDs[0-255])           # Control all the green LEDs
piglow.yellow([0-255])          # Control all the yellow LEDs[0-255])          # Control all the orange LEDs[0-255])             # Control all the red LEDs
piglow.all([0-255])             # Control all LEDs together
piglow.led([1-18],[0-255])      # Control an individual LED by number
piglow.led1-led18([0-255])      # Control an individual LED by function
piglow.arm([1-3],[0-255])       # Control an arm of LEDs by number
piglow.arm1([0-255])            # Control the top arm (with PiGlow logo at the top)
piglow.arm2([0-255])            # Control the right arm (with PiGlow logo at the top)
piglow.arm3([0-255])            # Control the left arm (with PiGlow logo at the top)

All colours are from 0 (off) to 255 (super duper eye numbing bright!)



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