Resizy is a simple batch image resize tool.
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Short description

Resizy is a small image resize tool featuring the following functions:

  • Simple GUI
  • Multithread support
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Edit multiple files and rename them
  • Set only width or height and the other value is calculated automatically
  • Save often used width and height settings as presetting
  • Use german or english language or easily add your own language (see instructions below)




  • To add your own language open and create a copy of that file named (two-letter language code is required List of ISO 639-1 codes).
  • Translate the content (right side of the equal sign) within the file into the wanted language.
  • Convert the file to ISO-8859-1 encoding by using the native2ascii tool
  • Place it inside src/languages
  • Adjust the file to add the language to the menu
  • If you add a new localization feel free to submit it to the project here on GitHub to help other users. Would be much appreciated.