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How to Contribute

Firstly - thanks for reading this. Contributions are very welcome!

This app uses Angular framework, and follows the Clarity Design System.

In order to contribute, please send a GitHub Pull Request to Boemska with a clear list of what you've done (read more about pull requests). Please make sure all of your commits are atomic (one feature per commit). Always write a clear log message for your commits. One-line messages are fine for small changes, but bigger changes should look like this:

$ git commit -m "A brief summary of the commit

A paragraph describing what changed and its impact."

How to Build


Prerequisite: Please install Angular-CLI by following these instructions.

git clone
cd user-navigator

# install the project's dependencies
npm install

# make your changes!

# build the site
ng build

# start the application in dev mode and watches your files for live reload
ng serve

Note that you will not be able to connect your local build to the SAS server until you update the config file.

The file is located here: /src/app/boemska/h54s.config.ts

And needs the following settings:

// h54s settings - for more information go to
export const AdapterSettings = {
  // SAS metadata folder root (location of STPs)
  metadataRoot: '/Your/Meta/Folder/usernavigator/',
  // SAS Web Server base URL
  hostUrl: 'https://YOUR.DOMAIN.COM'


For documentation on the H54S library go to the H54S Github page For documentation on the Clarity Design System, including a list of components and example usage, see our website. For documentation on Angular-CLI, please see their github repository.