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Inspired by LightTable's browser connect mode.

A packaged version of the server is available here. After unpackaging the zip file, you can run the server by doing sh start -Dhttp.port=9001. You must have at least Java 7 installed in order to be able to run it.

GET /ws

A JavaScript client that connects to the server through WebSockets and waits for orders. Include this into your templates like so:

<script src="http://localhost:9001/ws"></script>

GET /reloadCSS

Order the client (/ws) to reload all the CSS files in all the templates that it has been loaded in.

curl localhost:9001/reloadCSS

GET /reloadPage

Order the client (/ws) to reload all the pages that it has been loaded in.

curl localhost:9001/reloadPage

POST /evaluateJS

Order the client (/ws) to evaluate as JavaScript any arbitrary bit of text that is passed in as the body of the POST request.

curl -XPOST localhost:9001/evaluateJS -d 'alert("Hello, World!");'