A CLI tool that scrapes AWS Fargate tasks to find Prometheus targets.
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Fargate Scraper

A CLI tool that scrapes Fargate tasks to find Prometheus targets.


pip install fargate-scraper


Give the script the name of the ECS cluster you want to scrape and the location of where it should output the results. It will automatically pick up credentials from its environment. See boto3 for details.

fargate-scraper --cluster-name my-cluster output.json

Then point your prometheus config at that file.

  - job_name: prometheus
    metrics_path: "/metrics"
      - files:
          - output.json
        refresh_interval: 10m

Prometheus will automatically pick up changes to the file.

The script will pick up any Fargate containers that have a METRICS_PORT env var defined.


fargate_scraper is licensed under Apache 2.0. Please see LICENSE for licensing details.