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#lang racket/base
(require forms/base
(define (slugify title)
(regexp-replace* #px"[^a-zA-Z0-9\\-_]" (string-downcase title) "-"))
(struct author (name email))
(define author-form
(form* ([name (ensure binding/text (required) (longer-than 3) (shorter-than 50))]
[email (ensure binding/email (required))])
(author name email)))
(struct article (author title slug content))
(define article-form
(form* ([author author-form]
[title (ensure binding/text (required) (longer-than 1) (shorter-than 150))]
[content (ensure binding/text (required) (longer-than 1))]
[agreement (ensure binding/text (required #:message "You must check this box."))])
(article author title (slugify title) content)))
(define articles
(box (list (article (author "Bogdan Popa" "") "Part Two" "part-two" "Hi, it's me again!")
(article (author "Bogdan Popa" "") "Hello World!" "hello-world-" "Hi there, world!"))))
(define (article-lookup slug)
(for/first ([article (unbox articles)]
#:when (string=? (article-slug article) slug))
(define (article-add! article)
(box-swap! articles (lambda (articles)
(cons article articles))))
(define (article-replace! slug new-article)
(box-swap! articles (lambda (articles)
(for/list ([article articles])
(if (string=? (article-slug article) slug)
;; This is not that important for this example so you can ignore it.
;; It atomically swaps the contents of a box.
(define (box-swap! box f . args)
(let loop ()
(let* ([v0 (unbox box)]
[v1 (apply f v0 args)])
(if (box-cas! box v0 v1) v1 (loop)))))
(define ((make-labeled-field label name widget) render-widget)
((class "form__group"))
(label ,label ,(render-widget name widget))
,@(render-widget name (widget-errors #:class "form__errors"))))
(define (render-author-form render-widget)
(define render-name-field (make-labeled-field "Name" "name" (widget-text)))
(define render-email-field (make-labeled-field "Email" "email" (widget-email)))
((class "form__fieldset"))
(legend "Author")
,(render-name-field render-widget)
,(render-email-field render-widget)))
(define (render-article-form target render-widget [action-label "Save"])
(define author-form (render-author-form (widget-namespace "author" render-widget)))
(define render-title-field (make-labeled-field "Title" "title" (widget-text)))
(define render-content-field (make-labeled-field "Content" "content" (widget-textarea #:attributes '((columns "140") (rows "5")))))
(define render-checkbox-field (make-labeled-field "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" "agreement" (widget-checkbox)))
(define content-form `(fieldset
((class "form__fieldset"))
(legend "Article")
,(render-title-field render-widget)
,(render-content-field render-widget)
,(render-checkbox-field render-widget)))
((action ,target)
(method "POST")
(class "form"))
(button ((type "submit")) ,action-label)))
(define (render-article article)
((class "article"))
((class "article__title"))
((href ,(reverse-uri view-article (article-slug article))))
,(article-title article)))
((class "article__subtitle"))
"Posted by " ,(author-name (article-author article)) " "
(a ((href ,(reverse-uri edit-article (article-slug article)))) "Edit"))
((class "article__content"))
,(article-content article))))
(define (render-template . content)
(define (render-nav-item label uri)
((class "nav__items"))
(a ((href ,uri)) ,label)))
#:preamble #"<!DOCTYPE html>"
(title "Blag"))
((class "nav"))
((class "nav__items"))
,(render-nav-item "Home" (reverse-uri home))
,(render-nav-item "New Article" (reverse-uri new-article))))
((class "content"))
(define (render-not-found)
'(h1 "Not Found")
'(p "The page you are looking for does not exist.")))
(define (home req)
(define all-articles (map render-article (unbox articles)))
`(div ((class "articles")) ,@all-articles)))
(define (new-article req)
(lambda (embed/url)
(match (form-run article-form req)
[(list 'passed article _)
(article-add! article)
(redirect-to (reverse-uri view-article (article-slug article)))]
[(list _ _ render-widget)
'(h1 "Add an Article")
(render-article-form (embed/url new-article) render-widget "Add Article"))]))))
(define (view-article req slug)
(define article (article-lookup slug))
[article (render-template (render-article article))]
[else (render-not-found)]))
(define (edit-article req slug)
(lambda (embed/url)
(define article (article-lookup slug))
(define defaults
(hash "" (author-name (article-author article))
"" (author-email (article-author article))
"title" (article-title article)
"content" (article-content article)))
(match (form-run article-form req #:defaults defaults)
[(list 'passed article _)
(article-replace! slug article)
(redirect-to (reverse-uri edit-article (article-slug article)))]
[(list _ _ render-widget)
'(h1 "Edit Article")
(render-article-form (embed/url (curryr edit-article slug)) render-widget))])]
[else (render-not-found)]))))
(define-values (start reverse-uri)
[("") home]
[("articles" "new") new-article]
[("articles" (string-arg)) view-article]
[("articles" (string-arg) "edit") edit-article]))
(module+ main
(serve/dispatch start))
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