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Digraph support for Firefox (as known from Vim)
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                               D I G R A P H S
                             Digraphs for Firefox
                             (as known from Vim)

This addon brings the Vim digraphs to Firefox. After installation, you can use
Ctrl-K and a two-letter mnemonic to input many common Unicode characters.

For a detailed overview, see RFC 1345 <>.
This document lists all known digraphs except for "Eu"/"=e" for the Euro
currency symbol (U+20AC).

I S S U E S :

* No user configuration at the moment

* Only two-letter digraphs are recognized at the moment. The RFC also defines
  single- and multi-character mnemonics.

I N S T A L A T I O N :

* Manually: Create a text file named "" in your Firefox
  profile’s "extension" folder. Its content is the absolute path to the folder (including the final slash). Restart Firefox.

* Automatically: Install from (needs yet to leave the sandbox)
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