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"A day is just a brighter night." - BGs
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####"For those that need fresh beegees."

Why Beeges?

backgrounds -> bgs -> beegees


  1. Download the code: git clone
  2. Install: pip install -e beegees
  3. Set the image path: beegees set_image_path ~/your/image/path
  4. Download some cool background images: beegees download_beegees
  5. Change your background: beegees


  • Change background image when script is invoked
  • Set location and option to download backgrounds of pybeegees site


  • Set cron to change based on user preference. (Daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Change backgrounds of all desktops. (Find a way)
  • Option to delete current background image. API should be extended to be able to share backgrounds to other beegees users. Just a simple download request.
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