ETU eight puzzle is a simple puzzle game which can be controlled by eyes, for eye tracking research.
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This is the 'Eight puzzle' application. Read this with an open mind as readmes tend to age a bit, but I'll try to keep it current.

Used to use old Tobii SDK (2.6 or something), currently migrating to the 3.0 SDK.
Code originally by Tersia Gowases(?) and subsequently worked on by Hana Vrzakova (?) and then Matthew Bond (definitely!)

Code is currently under heavy maintenance, but there is now only one solution. 
To get started, open it and load up the 'Mouse' project (to be renamed at some point).

Current status: doesn't work!

To get it working:
Add tobii SDK code where 'tetcomp' is mentioned
Fix it so that there's no funny "cross file referenceing of strange static fields" (these hacks are hard to read and most likely buggy under any kind of maintenance)