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️Welcome to the BongoHive Consult Internship Programme 😀

Below is a list of assignments and resources that we gathered for you. Each assignment has notes. Please make sure you read the notes thoroughly to understand what needs to be done, and kindly remember to submit all assignments on time.

The resources are categorized. This is to help you focus only on the content relevant to the learning path you choose, whether front-end or back-end. The content on the 'basics', however, is compulsory.

Please note that whilst we advise that you select only one learning path, you are welcome to attempt both front-end and back-end assignments. However, you will not be allowed extra time to complete the full course. If you have a question regarding this, kindly create an issue explaining your question here.


This section contains foundational content that you will need to understand before you proceed with other assignments. Please be sure to attempt and complete all listed courses and assignments, and remember to always submit on time.

Please read through these Assignment Instructions on how to get most out of these resources.


First Day at Github

The link above has different courses, and it is very important for you to go through all of them if you are not familiar with Github.

What is included?


You will find all the links to resources for the following ' front-end' assignments in the FrontEnd-learning-resources repository.




Assignments in this section are all on the basics of Javascript. Please take time to read through the shared resources.


Please read all the resources provided in the respective assignments.

React Native


The following section contains resources and assignments on 'back-end' development.

Nodejs, MongoDB, Express

Note: Everytime you have a question, please create an issue in the specified repository or assignment.

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