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Build Bonita from sources

Linux build

MacOS and Windows build


A bash script is provided to build the whole Bonita Community Edition solution from sources publicly available.

It clones Git repositories and build all Bonita components in the right order to let you generate the Bonita Bundle and the Bonita Studio.


  • Disk space: around 15 GB free space. Around 4 GB of dependencies will be downloaded (sources, 3rd party dependencies, ...). A fast internet connection is recommended.
  • OS: Linux, MacOS and Windows (see test environments list below)
  • Java: Oracle/OpenJDK Java 8 ( you cannot use Java 11 to build Bonita).


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Checkout the branch/tag related to the Bonita version you want to build
  3. Run bash in a terminal (on Windows, use git-bash as terminal i.e. the bash shell included with Git for Windows)
  4. Once finished, the following binaries are available
    1. Bonita Studio (aka Bonita Development Suite): bonita-studio/all-in-one/target (only zip archive, no installer)
    2. Bonita Bundle (aka Bonita Runtime): bonita-distrib/tomcat/target


  • If you want to make 100% sure that you do a clean build from scratch, run the following commands:
rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/org/bonitasoft/
rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/.cache
rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/.meta
rm -rf ~/.gradle/caches
find -type d -name ".gradle" -prune -exec rm -rf {} \;
find -type d -name target -prune -exec rm -rf {} \;
  • No tests are run by the script (at least no back end tests). If you want to run some tests, go to the directory related to the Bonita component you want to test, and follow instructions (generally available in README file)
  • The script does not produce Studio installers (required license for proprietary software).

Test environments

CI builds are run on push to master/dev branches and Pull Requests (see badges on top of this page)

  • Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 (Travis CI)
  • MacOS: Catalina (GitHub Actions)
  • Windows: Windows Server 2019 DataCenter (GitHub Actions)


If you face any issue with this build script or for any question, please report it on the build-bonita GitHub issues tracker.

You can also ask for help on Bonita Community forum.

Branches and Tags

The use of Build-Bonita branch or tag depends of the Bonita version you want to build.

Bonita version Build-Bonita branch or tag
latest maintenance version master branch
old version related tag (see the tags section below)
next Bonita GA version dev branch


  • Build-Bonita currently does not provide support for building Bonita SNAPSHOT versions aka next maintenance or development versions. See #41 for such a support


Build-Bonita uses the same branch names as the Bonita repositories

  • master for latest available GA or maintenance version. It also contains latest build improvements related to the solution provided by Build-Bonita
  • dev for next Bonita version while developments are in progress


Tags are only available to build Bonita GA (i.e. 7.9.0, 7.10.0, ....) or maintenance (i.e. 7.7.5, 7.9.4, ....) versions, not for development versions.

Tag scheme

  • prior Bonita 7.10, Build-Bonita tags exactly match the Bonita version
  • as of Bonita 7.10, tags use the <bonita_version>-<increment> like 7.10.0-1. This allows to track improvements or bug fixes applied to Build-Bonita for a given Bonita version


Bonita version Build-Bonita tag
7.10.1 7.10.1-1, 7.10.1-2, ....
7.10.0 7.10.0-1, 7.10.0-2, ....
7.9.4 7.9.4
7.7.5 7.7.5

Developing on Build-Bonita

The following is for contributors to this repository.

Notice that a lot of actions are manual, so if it's becoming boring for you, fill an issue to discuss about it, then provide a Pull Request to automate this and simplify our life

Add support for a new version

Notice that most of the actions described below can be done directly using the GitHub website, for instance

  • file edition
  • branch and pull request creation

See GitHub help for more details

Bonita maintenance version

  • from GitHub interface, edit build-script.shon master branch (you can follow GitHub help)
  • update the file and update the BONITA_VERSION variable
  • propose file changes by creating a new branch, for instance maintenance_7.10.2
  • create a Pull Request targeting master
  • wait for build to pass, this should work without any other modifications
  • merge the Pull Request after successful build

Bonita development version

  • create a new branch starting from the dev branch, for instance dev_7.11.0.W10
  • update the file and update the BONITA_VERSION variable
  • create a Pull Request targeting the dev branch
  • wait for build to run
  • failures often happen because of new components to be added or removed, build options of some components to be updated
    • try to fix, then commit and iterate until build pass
    • see #32 or #48 for instance
  • merge the Pull Request after successful build

Merging master and dev branches

Follow the same lifecycle as Bonita component repositories. Merge are currently done manually by Build-Bonita contributors

  • master --> dev: all the time, especially after adding support for a new maintenance version. Allow to get new improvements applied to maintenance versions, avoid subsequent merge conflicts, ...
  • dev --> master: on GA release, master is going to become the maintenance branch for the new Bonita released version. It is highly advised to do the merge in a dedicated branch as some issue occurred at that stage in the past
    • first, ensure that master has been merged intodev
    • create a new bonita_7.10.0_GA branch starting from master branch
    • merge dev into bonita_7.10.0_GA
    • create a Pull Request from bonita_7.10.0_GA targeting the master branch
    • merge the Pull Request into master when the build passed (eventually after fixing any issues related to the merge)

New Release

Release are cut when

  • a new Bonita version (GA or maintenance) is supported by Build-Bonita
  • significant improvements have been made in the Build-Bonita build script for the latest supported Bonita version

Create a GitHub release

A new release can be create by following the GitHub help

  • for Tag version, use a value that follows the Tag Scheme. The tag will be created when the release will be published
  • for Target
    • usually, keep the master branch except if new commits that you don't want to integrate for the release are already available in the branch
    • in that case, choose a dedicated commit
    • important: ensure that the build to pass on the chosen branch or commit used to create the release


The script to build Bonita Engine, Portal and Studio from official sources





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