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Bonitasoft Community contribution widgets

This is a repository that provide a place for the Community to build and share their custom widgets.

You can browse the list of widgets available in the src/widgets folder. Follow the instructions below to understand how to setup your environment and deploy the widgets.

A framework is provided to start building custom widgets for the UI Designer. It includes build, test and deployment steps and supports multiple widgets.

The build step will create a dist folder with resulting directive and a zip file directly importable in the UI designer or via command line using deploy step.


  • Node >= v6.0.0
  • Npm >= v4.2.0

Getting started

Set up your local node project:

npm install


Build all the widgets and create a ZIP version of each of them in the folder dist/

npm run build


Launch unit-tests on all the widgets

npm test [ -- --watch ]

--watch Watch source files and launch tests whenever a source file changes


You can deploy widgets developed in widget seed directly in a running UI Designer.

npm run deploy -- --widget <widget name> [--host <ui designer url>] [--force] [--watch]

--widget [required] Widget directory name to deploy
--host UI Designer URL. Default value:
--force Override the widget if it already exist at destination --watch Watch source files and redeploy widget whenever a source file changes

e.g. npm run deploy -- --widget customWidget --host --force --watch

You can also deploy all the widgets at once.

npm run deployAll -- [--host <ui designer url>] [--force]

Widget structure

Below is the description of the files used to build a widget.


The file is named controller.ctrl.js

It contains the widget logic


The file is named template.tpl.html

It contains the widget template

Widget Model

The file is named widget.json.

If contains the widget model.

  "id": "customWidget",                 // Camel cased widget id, used as tag name for the html element
                                        // should not begin by 'pb' since it is a reserved prefix for default widgets
                                        // Has to match with the folder name containing the widget
                                        // Must contains only alphanumeric characters with no space

  "name": "Widget",                     // Displayed in the widget palette.
  "template": "@template.tpl.html",     // Html template, inlined during the build
  "controller": "@controller.ctrl.js",  // Directive controller, inlined during the build
  "custom": true,                       // Must be set to true
  "icon": "<svg .... </svg>",           // Widget's icon that will be displayed in the palette, must be an inlined svg
  "description" : "Enter description"   // Describe the widget
  "properties": [                       // Define properties of the widget
      "label": "Color",                 // Displayed in property panel

      "name": "color",                  // Name used in the template or the controller
                                        // via the scope (e.g. $

      "type": "choice",                 // Define the type of the value,
                                        // possible values: ['text', 'choice', 'html', 'integer', 'boolean', 'collection']

      "showFor": "<condition>",         // Enter a condition to display the property
                                        // Example: "showFor": "properties.labelHidden.value === false"

      "help": "Describe the property",  // Tooltip description of the property  

      "choiceValues": [                 // Only available for choice type
      "defaultValue": "RebeccaPurple",
      "bond": "expression"              // Define the type of editor displayed in
                                        // the property panel,
                                        // possible values: ['variable', 'expression', 'interpolation', 'constant']
  "assets": [                           // Define widget assets and dependencies, can be local or external
      "name": "style.css",              // Name of an internal asset or URL of an external asset
      "type": "css",                    // Possible values: ['css', 'js', 'img', 'json']

      "external": false,                // External assets name must be a standard URL
                                        // Internal assets content must be
                                        // in assets/<type>/<name> (e.g. assets/css/style.css)

      "order": 1                        // Define load order
  "requiredModules": ["ngAnimate"]      // To define an Angular module upon which the widget depends

Assets folder

The assets folder contains the widget dependencies. Those asset have to be declared in the widget model.

UI Designer compatibility

Widget built with this project can be deployed to the UI Designer. However, it's not possible to export a widget from the UI Designer and import it in this project.


If you are interested in creating new widgets, take a look to the Contribution guidelines


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