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  • #7823 Environment changes for Win10 CI
  • #7329 Network logs for libbonsai
  • #7810: Accesskey alias libbonsai
  • #7303-7305, 7540-7541, 7800: Migrate libbonsai to boost::beast
  • #7807 Add missing sim_id to sdk2/.../generator_simulator_api.proto
  • #7710 Windows test runner for libbonsai
  • #7747 libbonsai build scripts (windows) should not include absolute paths
  • Add new githooks for automatic linting
  • Packer scripts for windows 10 agent image


  • #7512: PONGs should go out even when the service is slow


  • Check Windows Registry for proxy information
  • Configurable network timeouts (REST calls)


  • Add periodic PONG message to libbonsai
  • Add simulator existence to reconnect policy


  • Remove PPC64 references.
  • Exponential backoff (with jitter) in libbonsai
  • Mutex for BONSAI_LOG internal stringstream
  • Config reconnect parameters
  • update the build instructions for libbonsai and gl-cartpole with some minutia.


  • Flush record buffer on every call to Simulator::run
  • Improved error reporting from Config
  • Fix possible nullptr dereference in simulator_ws_impl
  • Log the sim ID immediately after registration
  • Add ability to compile with DEBUG symbols (Windows)
  • Remove console I/O from cpprest callbacks
  • Migrate unit test to googletest framework
  • Add Brain::exists() and Brain::state() for better status checking


  • Add license information to Cmake files.
  • Add license text for CMake
  • Don't build doxygen docs in Ubuntu
  • Modify proxy url workaround to match "//" instead of "http://"
  • Split out C++ from Python docs folders
  • Fixes event sequencing in libbonsai


  • Doxygen docs


  • Fix sequencing problem in bonsai_ai around T to ES transitions
  • Cleanup
  • Fix segmentation fault when recording file not set
  • Ensure that DLL and static versions can be build side by side (Win10)


  • Recording file controllable on a per-Sim basis
  • Dogfood updates
  • Fix Win10 build for libbonsai
  • Fix CMake scripts for Linux
  • Adds a mechanism to uniformly record simulation data to a file (bonsai-ai/libbonsai)


  • T4699 Add statistics for simulator
  • bonsai-simulink is buildable in Windows 10
  • added User-Agent to libbonsai calls
  • added test fixtures for libbonsai
  • T3933 Add mechanisms (library, config, command line) to record simulation data to a file.


Sprint: 2017 November CT


  • T3728 Convert libbonsai documentation from doxygen to md file
  • T2924 Friendly onboarding: bonsai cli doesn't understand '-h', 'help'
  • T1226 Add delete support to the CLI
  • T583 CLI should do a version check and prompt the user to upgrade if a newer version is available


  • T3671 Changed package name from bonsai-python to bonsai-ai
  • T3671 Changed module import from bonsai to from bonsai_ai
  • T2523 Updated energyplus documentation and code
  • T3888 Default project file should include python files
  • T3726 bonsai list command refers to "a given URL" as option but the --help doesn't show an option how to provide a URL
  • T3210 'bonsai sims list' results in a traceback if used 'before bonsai train start'
  • T2150 Upload project files with the "application/octet-stream" MIME type.
  • T1593 bonsai switch needs better help text and output, particularly around profiles that don't exist

Sprint: 2017 October CT


  • T3796 CLI V2 and SDK2 should support proxy network configurations
  • T3642 sdk2: config defaults to predict instead of train
  • T3635 Improve Bonsai Push Command
  • T2421 Use globbing for project files


  • T3857 bonsai list asks for non-existent switch
  • T3740 remove brainserv
  • T3700 Update for sdk2
  • T3637 Brain object should have correct state after construction. Currently requires separate call to update() to synchronize intial state
  • T3485 move GymSimulator out of bonsai-python back into bonsai-gym-common for SDK2
  • T3440 creating brain form cli results in platform hosted sim projrct file
  • T3253 warning for large 'bonsai push'
  • T3195 Remove "." from API key URL
  • T3101 Show default brain name wherever a default is being used
  • T2991 Project file / bonsai push should not include intermediate build or bytecode files
  • T2717 CLI should not follow redirects for post requests
  • T2112 Informative errors for CLI connection traceback failures
  • T2027 The default project file filter of bonsai create may be surprising to some users
  • T1464 SDK should notify a user if they've connected a simulator to a brain not in the training state


First Post

  • Initial release.