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# Profiled execution.
# Add <file or directory> to the black list. It should be a base name, not a
# path. You may set this option multiple times.
# Pickle collected data for later comparisons.
# Set the cache size for astng objects.
# List of plugins (as comma separated values of python modules names) to load,
# usually to register additional checkers.
# Enable all messages in the listed categories.
# Disable all messages in the listed categories.
# Enable the message(s) with the given id(s).
# Disable the message(s) with the given id(s).
# List of all available ids:
# C0111 = Missing docstring
# E1102 = not callable
# E1101 = has no member, generated more than 700 times due to the splitting of gui etc. into subclassed
# E0203 = access to member before definition, reason: same as above
# E1103 = Class 'window' has no 'get_colormap' member (but some types could not be inferred), in Pylint is just stupid about this, everything is working fine and dandy.
# W0201 = attribute defined outside of init, again raised due to the above
# W0403 = relative import, since atarashii is not installed as a module we don't care
# W0231 = init method of base class not called, again...
# W0703 = catch exception
# W0232 = Class has no init method
# W0221 = Arguments number differs from overridden method(in because of some simplifications)
# F0401 = import failed, this happens with and co, don't know why but the messages are annoying
# R0923 = Interface not implemented(occurs in
disable-msg=C0111, E1102, E1101, E0203, E1103, W0201, W0232, W0403, W0231, W0703, F0401, R0902,R0904,W0613,R0903,R0912,R0915,R0913,R0911,R0914,R0901, R0201,R0923, W0221