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atarashii (0.99.27e-1) all;
* Uniformed the buttons in the profile view and fixed another scrolling issue
with it.
* Fixed frozen scrolling when starting in tray or on startup.
* Tabs are now correctly hidden during login if Atarashii started in tray.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 04 May 2010 16:55:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.27d-1) all;
* More scrolling fixes.
* The remaining character count no longer includes trailing whitespace.
* Fixed a couple of issues with the auto completion and the character count.
* Fix for malformed gifs crashing the avatar tooltip.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 04 May 2010 00:32:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.27c-1) all;
* Fix a scrolling bug in the views.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 03 May 2010 22:17:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.27b-1) all;
* Fixed the selection of accounts in the accounts list.
* More fixes to the dialogs.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 03 May 2010 21:37:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.27a-1) all;
* Fix for wrongly positioned dialogs.
* Fix for scrolling issues in profiles.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 03 May 2010 21:18:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.27-1) all;
+ Added new columns to the account list in the preferences showing
tweet, follower and friend count.
+ Added an option to turn off notifications on network errors.
~ "Refresh all" in the tray menu is now always active(except during updates).
* Reworked the view scrolling, should now always scroll correctly.
* Fix for the account not getting selected in the tray menu after hitting the
"retry" button.
* Improved error dialogs in case a profile fails to load.
* Fix for the rare case were the user was notified about a tweet or message a
second time.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 03 May 2010 19:47:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.26a-1) all;
* Fix crashing in cases were no sound directory could be found.
* Compatability fixes for older version of GTK+.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 02 May 2010 19:43:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.26-1) all;
+ Added a new option for "secure logout" this will delete the saved access
tokens for the account which forces you to enter your password the next time
you log in.
+ Users which you send a reply or a message to are now automatically added to
the list of auto completed usernames.
+ You can now place a dot infront of any @reply in order to make it appear to
everyone that is following you. You can trigger an automatic "dot-reply" by
holding down ctrl when clicking the reply icon.
+ You can now add more @usernames to a reply by holding down shift when
clicking the reply icon.
~ The progressbar now displays the actual progress of the login and the
loading state of a profile, as well as some descriptive text about what is
actually going on.
~ Atarashii now uses a separate auto completion userlist for each account.
* Fix for a layout bug concerning the height of the tabs.
* Multiple fixes relating the profile view and the mode shortcuts, also fixed
an issue with the textbox when closing the profile view.
* Fixes to the link shortener, no longer breaks @replies and others.
* Fixes for the overload warnings, they now do behave like the network ones.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 02 May 2010 19:06:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.25-1) all;
+ Tweets/Messages that are over the 150 character limit will now be split when
send. After the first 140 characters have been send, the textbox will
contain the leftover part of the Tweet/Message. Retweets won't be split,
you'll need to shorten them accordingly.
+ Completely reworked profile view! The new profile view is now HTML based,
displays the most recent Tweets of the user and has buttons for following /
blocking and sending a message.
+ Atarashii Cloud Sync. Multiple installations of Atarashii can now be synced
via the cloud. When first activating the syncing you will receive your
Sync-Token. As soon as you've logged in with one of your accounts after
that, you can then enter the same Token in another installtion of Atarashii
in order to share tweet and messages read status between both installations.
+ There is now an option to turn off that notifications overlay playing
+ If desired, shortening of urls can now be turned off.
+ When the login fails, there's now a new info screen for quick retrying.
~ Atarashii will now look in ~./atarashii/themes for additional themes.
* Fix for broken view updating when notifications were turned off.
* Fix for a bug were the multibutton would stay disabled in some cases.
* The tray menu is now disabled while warning/questen/error dialogs are open.
* Warning popups on network erros won't be closed automtically anymore when
they have been openend by the user.
* Mentions which have an accompanying reply now get replaced by it correctly.
* Many bugfixes concerning the user preferences and the closing of its sub
* Fixed sometimes missing usernames in the tray icon warning tooltips.
* Many other small fixes.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 01 May 2010 13:04:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.24-1) all;
+ Added auto completion for usernames. This completes @'s as well as 'd user'.
+ When blocking a user there's now an option to additionally report him for
+ If you don't follow a user, you will now see wether his or her tweets are
protected in the profile view.
+ Added "Copy Hashtag" to the context menu of Hashtags.
* Fix for broken display of htmlentiies in notifications, copied
tweets / messages and old style retweets.
* Reduce the memory leak that is caused by webkit by using Javascript to
update the view times if the state hasn't changed.
* Multiple fixes to some bugs concerning the textbox.
* Bugfix for some minor issues with the avatar tooltip
* Fixed missing/broken tray icon warnings.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 26 Apr 2010 10:06:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.23-1) all;
+ Added ALT+T and ALT+D accelerators for switching between tweet/message view.
+ Added the green check mark to the tray icon if unread tweets or messages
~ Replaced -e with -l [langcode].
~ Instead of replacing the whole Atarashii tray icon with the error/warning
icon, it now just gets overlayed by it.
~ Newlines are now respected in tweets and messages.
* Fixed a couple of bugs caused by the "start minimized" option.
* Many fixes for the error handling(trust me, it's a mess).
* Always use the latest tweet/message as the reference for the current users
* Fix for a bug with a textbox check and zero length strings.
* Fix broken "retweeted by" links.
* Fixed missing username in some error tooltips.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 22 Apr 2010 09:45:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.22b-1) all;
+ Added following and block information to profiles.
~ Avatars are now beeing cached under ~/.cache/atarashii.
~ Internal changes on how themes are loaded, this mainly aims at simpler theme
* Fix for broken refreshing via the tray menu.
* Fix for sometimes broken scrolling the views.
* Some medium internal cleanup.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 20 Apr 2010 23:49:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.22a-1) all;
* Fix for strange behavior of the refresh button.
* Fix for cached .gif avatars not getting deleted when they timed out.
* Fix for random bug which caused the multi button to stay disabled after an
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 19 Apr 2010 16:39:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.22-1) all;
+ Added support for color themes.
+ Added a simple view for user profiles, this will open when clicking on a
username or avatar. You can still get to the users page at by
using the context menu.
+ Added follow/block options to the context menu of @username links.
~ Tabs are now hidden while logged out or logging in.
~ Don't include "send message" in context menus for the currently logged in
* Fixes to the colors of spacers between mentions.
* Fix for message sending from @username context menus.
* Fix for url expanding problems with WordPress.
* Removed the minimal height on tweets which don't have an avatar, this
reduces the wasted space with bigger avatars.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 18 Apr 2010 23:54:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.21d-1) all;
* Quickfix for an issues with the warning popup timeout.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Thu, 15 Apr 2010 22:19:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.21c-1) all;
~ Added a timeout of 5 seconds on network error popups before they disappear
automatically on a succeeded refresh.
* The textbox now gets focussed after a new style retweet/delete when text
has been typed into it.
* Fixed a int to string comparsion.
* View do now update even on network errors to reduce the lag on the time and
date information.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Thu, 15 Apr 2010 22:11:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.21b-1) all;
+ Add support for the upcoming new youtube url format in the shortener.
* Another fix for view flicker when saving the preferences.
* Fix for strange "User does not exists" messages when trying to send a DM
by selecting "send message" in the tweet view.
* Fix wrongly added avatars of the user in the message view.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Thu, 15 Apr 2010 00:16:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.21a-1) all;
* Fix for account list not getting enabled in some cases.
* Fix for flickering views when saving the settings.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 14 Apr 2010 19:25:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.21-1) all;
+ New multi reply/message feature. When holding down SHIFT while submitting,
a identical new reply/message will be started afterwards.
+ You can now configure the font and avatar sizes of the timelines in via the
+ Automatically shorten photo urls to urls.
~ Direct Messages that you've sent now have a light green background insteaf
of the yellow one that was also used by mentions.
~ No longer allow other characters than 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz_123456789'
in account names.
* Multiple small fixes to the textbox.
* Improved handling of direct messages errors.
* Fix for scrolling issues when loading "more".
* Fix for wrong tweet counts in some cases when resetting the loaded history.
* Fix for tweet notifications not beeing in the right order in some cases.
* Internal cleanup of the api calling code.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 14 Apr 2010 18:45:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.20b-1) all;
* Quick fix for the broken 0.99.20a.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 11 Apr 2010 01:17:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.20a-1) all;
* Fix handling of network errors.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 11 Apr 2010 01:06:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.20-1) all;
* Fix for broken expanding of links.
* Fix for scrolling issues when starting minimized in tray.
* More internal code cleanup.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 10 Apr 2010 22:43:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.19-1) all;
+ The kittens celebrated the 1000th commit to Atarashii!
+ Added (un)follow/(un)block to the context menus of avatars and usernames.
+ Tweets that you sent are now automatically marked as read.
+ Add "Send message to..." to the context menu of users in the tweet view.
+ Use system sounds for login, warning and error notifications.
+ Show an warning/error icon instead of the atarashii icon in the tray, if
something went wrong.
+ Added keyboard accelerators to all menus.
+ New logging of errors and warnings to ~/.atarashii/error.log
+ Added sounds to the info boxes that don't have a notification, they can be
disabled in the preferences.
~ The window title now changes accordingly when a user is logging in.
~ Replace the message button with tabs and got rid of nearly all the buttons.
~ Move the account selection to the tray menu.
~ Reduced the lag between view and statusbar updates after a refresh.
~ Instead of showing dialogs on successful retweets/deletions just pop up a
info box at the top.
~ Better handling of crashes due to python errors.
~ Multi button now gets hidden if not logged in.
* Fixed the "Starting Atarashii..." taskbar entry when trying to launch a
second instace, in this case Atarashii also moves itself to the current
* Fix for broken rendering of empty timelines.
* Fix for mentions gathering at the bottom of the timeline when lots of tweets
are loaded.
* Fix for a bug that caused very high CPU usage when starting minimized in
* Fix for the handlind of some special network errors.
* Fix for sending tweets that start with 'd ' which would be interpreted as
direct messages by twitter.
* Fix a bug that "swallowed" tweets in cases were you sent a tweet and the
tweets were sent after the last update, but before you'd sent the tweet.
* Fix a bug were direct messages would be considered as unread, even if they
had been already read.
* Fix an issue with fast relogs.
* Fix some issues with the error handling.
* Fix the positioning of the tray menu, it's now conform with other GNOME
* Fix an issue with text beeing cut off in the settings dialog under certain
font sizes.
* Fix broken tooltips while the context menu is opened.
* Tons of internal cleanup for an even more pythonic style.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 10 Apr 2010 16:09:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.18a-1) all;
~ Cleaned up the notification code.
~ Reworked, now much smaller, preferences dialog.
~ Updated tweet parser, now supports the linking of lists.
~ Reworked about dialog.
* Better handling of some network errors.
* Small fix to a flickering issues with the read/refresh button.
* Minor changes here and there.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Fri, 2 Apr 2010 18:17:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.18-1) all;
~ Revamped the notification sounds, now each popup has its own sound. Also
tweets/replies/messages and infos can each have a different sound.
* More fixes to the scrolling.
* Some small fixes to the UI.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:11:00 +0200
atarashii (0.99.17b-1) all;
* Fix for the settings dialog not getting enable after hitting the rate limit
or during an refresh.
* A couple of fixes in the tweet parser.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 27 Mar 2010 13:51:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.17a-1) all;
* Fix for the settings dialog not getting enable in certain cases when the
password entry was aborted or had failed.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 27 Mar 2010 06:49:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.17-1) all;
+ Some more information in the about dialog.
+ Try to resolve multiple redirects, but only 5 levels deep.
~ Try to expand all links, and display the redirect info when they can be
~ Send notifications directly over the dbus.
~ Switch to sox for notification sounds, instead of mplayer.
~ Removed mp3 support for notifications sounds and added flac instead.
* A bit of internal cleanup.
* Fixes to the way scrolling in the views is handled.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 27 Mar 2010 04:50:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.16b-1) all;
+ Preview expanded shortened links on mouseover.
~ Normalize the window position on exit and save it.
~ Improved the shortening of links.
* When Twitter lags and mentions arrive before replies, replace them
afterwards when the replies come in.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Fri, 26 Mar 2010 01:02:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.16a-1) all;
+ Long URLs are now automatically shortened, you can choose a shortening
service in the settings dialog.
* Settings now get saved on user logout and shutdown, also the error wrapper
now catches all possible errors.
* Notifications now always show up.
* Fixed a bug that allowed someone to relog before the current login was
complete. Causing major confusion under the kittens!
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 24 Mar 2010 20:28:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.16-1) all;
- Removed unneeded spacer in the direct message context menu.
~ Read button now gets disabled just before new tweets are loaded, this is to
prevent the user from accidently marking all tweets as read.
~ Reworked the notification code, notifications should now always show up.
* Fix a bug where invalid screen position would been saved, causing a reset of
the position on program start.
* Fixed scrolling issues on refreshes when huge amounts of tweets are loaded.
* Some internal cleanup and other small bug fixes.
* Fix broken resetting of the loaded message history.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 24 Mar 2010 08:30:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.15c-1) all;
* Fixed bugs with the notification sounds.
* Fixed deletion of cached *.jpeg avatars.
* Bugfixes for freezes caused by inter thread calling.
* Bugfix for network errors on login.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 22 Mar 2010 16:24:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.15b-1) all;
+ New "edit" Tweet feature! This basically performs a delete/send in one row
and preserves @replies.
+ Add error messages for cases when trying to delete items that have already
been delete form another client.
~ Updated crash dialogs, additionally a crashlog gets generated on python
* Fix broken copying of links.
* Fix the sometimes flickering refresh button when a lot of tweets are loaded.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 22 Mar 2010 08:06:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.15a-1) all;
~ Workarounds for bugs under older versions of GTK.
* Fixes to the sound file chooser.
* Also a couple of other minor fixes here and there.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 21 Mar 2010 08:57:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.15-1) all;
+ Atarashii now has a Debian repository @
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 21 Mar 2010 02:49:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.14e-1) all;
~ Catch internal python errors and treat them as crashes.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 19:46:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.14d-1) all;
* One more fix for the exit codes.
* Fixed the saving of the preferences when on desktop logout / shutdown.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 18:15:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.14c-1) all;
* Fix problems with killall and the crash handling.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 17:16:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.14b-1) all;
* Fixed the crash handling and made sure that Atarashii always saves.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 15:19:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.14a-1) all;
* Fix broken insertion of tweets/messages into the timelines.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 01:12:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.14-1) all;
+ Added support for accents in urls.
~ Merged the Refresh/Read/History buttons in to one that changes its state
as needed.
~ Update spacer css.
* Fixed non disabled tray menu items.
* Fixed issues with keyboard scrolling in the views.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Fri, 19 Mar 2010 23:30:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.13-1) all;
+ Added CTRL+D and CTRL+T to quick start a message/tweet.
+ Added CTRL+S shortcut for canceling tweet/message writing completely.
+ New shiny avatar tooltips.
~ Don't allow selection anymore, instead offer context menu options for
copying tweets/messages.
~ Improved handling of network errors.
* The usual internal cleanup and bugfixing.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Fri, 19 Mar 2010 08:51:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.12a-1) all;
+ Added error/warning status to the tray icon tooltip.
~ Improved the textbox, it now trys to remove unnecessary whitespace by
~ Updated the application icon.
* Fixed the broken links in the message view that caused a
"User does not exists" error when trying to send a message.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Thu, 18 Mar 2010 11:22:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.12-1) all;
~ Unimportant errors and warning now pop up as a button above the timeline,
the button can be clicked in order to retrieve more information.
* Lots of internal cleanup, by mainly splitting up files into subclasses.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Thu, 18 Mar 2010 00:29:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.11-1) all;
+ The tray menu now has an entry to mark all messages and tweets as read.
+ Added markup to most of the warning/error/info/question dialogs. Usernames
and such are now bold.
+ New listview for users in the preferences window.
~ Notify the user that his typed in password is too short.
~ Autostart now works nicely with the GNOME autostart manager.
~ Quicklinks no longer have a context menu.
~ Translated and updated the about dialog.
* Bugfix for white/empty views on startup.
* Multiple fixes to the handling of user deletion.
* Fixed a bug where the message button would stay activated on logout.
* Fix for textbox focus issues when copying a link.
* Fixed wrong status in the tray icon tooltip.
* Cleanup of the internal exception handling this means better error messages.
* Fixed an issues with the views not scrolling correctly to the first unread
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 17 Mar 2010 15:23:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.10c-1) all;
* And one more hotfix, this time it seemes that a refactoring did break the
auto switching between tweets/messages when starting a message/reply.
* Also fixed wrong dates in the changelog.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:53:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.10b-1) all;
* Another hotfix for the textbox focus.
* Also a small fix for the manpage, this fixes a broken URL.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:45:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.10a-1) all;
* The kittens have hotfixed focus issues with the textbox.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:35:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.10-1) all;
+ Added favorites! You can now favorite Tweets by clicking on the gray heart
besides them, if a Tweet is favorited a nice red heart will show up!
Isn't that cute?
* Many fixes to the timeline/message views.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:05:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.9-1) all;
- Removed retweet settings from the preferences...
+ ...and added a completely new context menu to the view!
+ You can now retweet from there, either new or old style.
+ It's now also possible to delete tweets and messages directly from
+ New and improved handling of network errors.
* And as usual there have been a lot of bugfixes by the kittens.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 16 Mar 2010 05:58:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.8b-1) all;
+ Added new tooltip for the tray icon.
+ When pressing Escape in the input text box, it will now loose its focus.
+ Added min/max lengths to username and password fields, in order to make it
compliant with
+ New .markdown README for GitHub.
* Fixed the "popping" of the input text box.
* Fix for a bug that caused the login notification to not display the count of
new messages.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 15 Mar 2010 04:32:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.8-1) all;
+ New notification on login that wraps up info about new Tweets and Messages.
+ It's now possible to add Atarashii to the Autostart.
+ Atarashii can now be started minimized(in the system tray).
+ There's now an option to hide Atarashii from the Taskbar.
* Fixed wrong size of the text input box under some font size configurations.
* The kittens applied a lot of fixes to the error handling.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Mon, 15 Mar 2010 01:02:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.7-1) all;
+ New auto switch to message/tweet view when typing in a message/reply.
* Lots of internal code cleanup by the kittens.
* Fixed a bug that prevented logging in when no user profile existed and one
was created.
* Some minor fixes for rare bugs.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 14 Mar 2010 03:46:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.6-1) all;
~ Messages that you have sent to somebody else do now have the same color as
~ Prevent warning dialog on over capacity from being spammed.
* Lots of internal refactoring and cleanup e.g. converted all magic values
into constants.
* Fixed display issues with mentions in the timeline.
* Bugfixes for the GUI were some buttons would be in a bad state in some rare
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 13 Mar 2010 01:19:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.5-1) all;
+ New regular expressions for hashtags, usernames and urls based on the
official twitter ones.
* Some internal cleanup ragarding the html views.
* Fix for hyperspeeded progressbar in some cases.
* Yet again lots of small bugfixes by the kittens.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Thu, 11 Mar 2010 17:35:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.4-1) all;
+ Users are now able to actually use new style retweets.
~ Improved detection of #Hashtags, works more like now.
* Notifications for Direct Messages do work again.
* Fixed an issue with escaped HTML getting copied into the textbox.
* Lots of other bugfixes by the kittens.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 9 Mar 2010 04:26:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.3-1) all;
+ Added support for new style retweets.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 7 Mar 2010 18:29:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.2-1) all;
~ Increased the update rate of direct messages.
* Internal code cleanup.
* Bugfix for direct message notifications.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sun, 7 Mar 2010 00:22:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99.1-1) all;
~ Password is no longer being stored, instead the access tokens are stored.
* Fixed xAuth authentication.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 6 Mar 2010 16:37:00 +0100
atarashii (0.99-1) all;
* Bugfix release, nearly all bugs should be fixed now.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Fri, 5 Mar 2010 13:22:00 +0100
atarashii (0.98-1) all;
+ Added xAuth authentication.
~ Real changelog will start with version 1.0 development is still to busy.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Wed, 3 Mar 2010 22:52:00 +0100
atarashii (0.96-1) all;
+ Added support for direct messages.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Tue, 2 Mar 2010 18:23:00 +0100
atarashii (0.93-1) all;
~ Atarashii is now being distributed as a Debian package.
-- Ivo Wetzel <> Sat, 27 Feb 2010 10:45:00 +0100