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Contributing to Javascript Garden

  1. We're about Javascript AKA ECMA script not a specific implementation. So we don't cover issues specific to one environment or interpreter, like browsers or V8 for node.
  2. Micro-performance is out of scope: anything that's not a result of essential algorithmic complexity (e.g O(log n) vs O(n^2)) is down to a specific version of a specific interpreter (see 1).
  3. Please test code examples to ensure they work, there's nothing more confusing than incorrect examples!
  4. Contributing to JS Garden makes you a fantastic person, and Brendan Eich will find you immensely attractive.

Thank you for being kind enough to help out!

Testing locally

  1. Run npm run build to build
  2. Run a webserver from the root of the repo to view

Getting changes merged

  1. Squash your changes into one commit
  2. Make sure the site still works :)
  3. Make a PR
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