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-## Object Usage and Properties
+## 物件的使用和屬性
-Everything in JavaScript acts like an object, with the only two exceptions being
-[`null`](#core.undefined) and [`undefined`](#core.undefined).
+每個變數可以表現像 JavaScript 物件,除了 [`null`](#core.undefined) 和 [`undefined`](#core.undefined)。
false.toString(); // 'false'
[1, 2, 3].toString(); // '1,2,3'
@@ -10,37 +9,30 @@ Everything in JavaScript acts like an object, with the only two exceptions being = 1;; // 1
-A common misconception is that number literals cannot be used as
-objects. That is because a flaw in JavaScript's parser tries to parse the *dot
-notation* on a number as a floating point literal.
+一個常見的誤解就是字面值(literal)不是物件。這是因為 JavaScript 編譯器的一個錯誤,它試圖把 *點操作符* 解析為浮點數的字面值的一部分。
- 2.toString(); // raises SyntaxError
+ 2.toString(); // 出錯: SyntaxError
-There are a couple of workarounds that can be used to make number literals act
-as objects too.
- 2..toString(); // the second point is correctly recognized
- 2 .toString(); // note the space left to the dot
- (2).toString(); // 2 is evaluated first
+ 2..toString(); // 第二個點號可以正常解析
+ 2 .toString(); // 注意點號前面的空格
+ (2).toString(); // 2 先被計算
-### Objects as a Data Type
+### 物件做為數據類型
-Objects in JavaScript can also be used as [*Hashmaps*][1]; they mainly consist
-of named properties mapping to values.
+JavaScript 的物件可以作為 [*Hashmaps*][1]使用,主要用來保存命名的建與值的對應關係。
-Using an object literal - `{}` notation - it is possible to create a
-plain object. This new object [inherits](#object.prototype) from `Object.prototype` and
-does not have [own properties](#object.hasownproperty) defined.
+使用物件的字面語法 - `{}` - 可以創建一個簡單的物件。 這個新創建的物件從 `Object.prototype` [繼承](#object.prototype),下面,沒有任何 [字定義屬性](#object.hasownproperty)。
- var foo = {}; // a new empty object
+ var foo = {}; // 一個空的物件
- // a new object with a 'test' property with value 12
+ // 一個新的物件,有值為 12 的自定義屬性 'test'
var bar = {test: 12};
-### Accessing Properties
+### 訪問屬性
-The properties of an object can be accessed in two ways, via either the dot
-notation or the square bracket notation.
var foo = {name: 'kitten'}; // kitten
@@ -52,15 +44,14 @@ notation or the square bracket notation.
foo.1234; // SyntaxError
foo['1234']; // works
-The notations work almost identically, with the only difference being that the
-square bracket notation allows for dynamic setting of properties and
-the use of property names that would otherwise lead to a syntax error.
-### Deleting Properties
+- 動態設定屬性
+- 屬性不是一個有較的變數名
-The only way to remove a property from an object is to use the `delete`
-operator; setting the property to `undefined` or `null` only removes the
-*value* associated with the property, but not the *key*.
+### 刪除屬性
+唯一刪除屬性的方式就是用 `delete` 操作符。設置屬性為 `undefined` 或是 `null` 只有刪除的屬性和值的關聯,沒有真的刪掉屬性
var obj = {
bar: 1,
@@ -77,23 +68,21 @@ operator; setting the property to `undefined` or `null` only removes the
-The above outputs both `bar undefined` and `foo null` - only `baz` was
-removed and is therefore missing from the output.
+上面的輸出結果有 `bar undefined``foo null`
+只有 `baz` 真正被刪除而已,所以從輸出結果中消失。
-### Notation of Keys
+### 屬姓名的語法
var test = {
'case': 'I am a keyword, so I must be notated as a string',
delete: 'I am a keyword, so me too' // raises SyntaxError
-Object properties can be both notated as plain characters and as strings. Due to
-another mis-design in JavaScript's parser, the above will throw
-a `SyntaxError` prior to ECMAScript 5.
+物件的屬性名可以使用字符串或是普通的宣告。但是由於 JavaScript 編譯器有個另外一個錯誤設計。
+上面的兩種方式在 ECMAScript 5之前都會拋出 `SyntaxError` 的錯誤。
-This error arises from the fact that `delete` is a *keyword*; therefore, it must be
-notated as a *string literal* to ensure that it will be correctly interpreted by
-older JavaScript engines.
+這個錯誤的原因是 `delete` 是 JavaScript 語言的一個 *關鍵字* 因此為了在更低的版本能執行最好用 *string literal*

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