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battre commented Mar 21, 2011

In the context of the "Avoiding the reference problem" it might be interesting to point out that the presented approach does not work for objects:
function foo(x) {
// x is a copy of y but points to the same object
x.test = 42;
console.log(x.test); // prints 42
var y = {};
console.log(y.test); // prints 42


I think it's more a problem of bad wording. It actually works like expected. You're still passing a value in there, it's just a "pointer" to the object. So you get a copy of the pointer, which in this case will resolve to the same object.

So a change in wording might be a good idea, I'm really busy at the moment with the job / finding a shared flat etc. So feel free to write something up and file a pull request that I can review!

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