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Lockstep Multiplayer Server

This is really just incomplete code demoing some kind of "gaming network" which is build upon a lock step based multiplayer approach.

Given the high pings with WebSockets and other limitations, this should mostly be suited for turnbased games.


There's no UI at the moment, also there's only a really small amount of client side code that handles most of the lock step action stuff.

So testing is doine via explicit console calls to client.send and passing in the correct Network Command IDs and data.


Right now the system has no login valdiation (I'll add some preliminary persona support for demoing purposes soon though).


There exist channels (2 hard coded at the moment) and one can chat in channels / lobbies and games and send whispers to other players.


Lobbies are a sort pre-stage for games where players can select options, teams and so on.

Now note, there's no real code on the server to handle any of this, the clients will have to implement everything.

In theory, the lock step based approach will make this work and should also prevent cheating to some extend (of course, it should be relatively easy to validate actions on the server too, but client side only code should speed up the devlopment quite a bit)


After a lobby has launched (all players marked themselfs as ready and the countdown ended), players a added to a game and some basic network data is send down (e.g. RNG init values).

From there on the server only communicates the actions between different players.

  1. Player A sends a action 1
  2. Server relays action 1 to all players, client side code verfies the action to be allowed, and client accepts or rejects it.
  3. Server waits for all players to accept / reject
  4. Server now tells clients to either ignore the action if >= 50% of them have rejected an action or tells them to execute it

The action queue is a FIFO at the moment and all players can only have one action pending at a time.


  • Login system
  • Handling user timeouts (right now users just get removed when they reload the page)
  • Handling timeouts of action accepton / rejection / completion (users should be kicked in that case)