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Node.JS bindings for oDesk API


To install node-odesk please run the following command:

$ npm install node-odesk


Quick start

Before you may use oDesk APIs, you will need to obtain your pair of API keys. Visit the oDesk API Center documentation for full details. Please note, that Node-oDesk uses authorization via OAuth and it needs keys with auth type "OAuth".

Initializing the client:

var odesk = require('node-odesk');
var o = new odesk(key, secret);

Shows the authorization url:

o.OAuth.getAuthorizeUrl(function(error, url, requestToken, requestTokenSecret) {
    console.log(url, requestToken, requestTokenSecret);

Also you may specify your custom callback url for authorize url:

o.OAuth.getAuthorizeUrl('', function(error, url, requestToken, requestTokenSecret) {
    console.log(url, requestToken, requestTokenSecret);

Getting accessToken:

o.OAuth.getAccessToken(requestToken, requestTokenSecret, verifier, function(error, accessToken, accessTokenSecret) {
    console.log(accessToken, accessTokenSecret);

Set accessToken:

o.OAuth.accessToken = accessToken;
o.OAuth.accessTokenSecret = accessTokenSecret;

Get user info from oDesk API:

o.get('auth/v1/info', function(error, data) {
    console.log(error || data);

Also you can use POST, PUT or DELETE methods:

o.put('team/v1/snapshots/<company>/<username>/<timestamp>', {memo: "Testing..."}, function(error, data) {
    console.log(error || data);