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@ssddanbrown ssddanbrown released this Mar 14, 2020 · 0 commits to master since this release


Full List of Changes

This release contains the following fixes and changes:

  • Added Slovenian language support. Thanks to @mrjaboozy. (#1946)
  • Added Vietnamese Language support. Thanks to @vuongtrunghieu (#1883)
  • Added Hebrew Translations. Thanks to @Binternet. (#1827)
  • Added support for Fortran language code blocks. Thanks to @JHenneberg. (#1878)
  • Updated spacing in colour picker components to be consistent and prevent text-dropdown on longer-text languages. Thanks to @Statium. (#1943, #1930)
  • Updated login and registration header actions to be consistent with other header links. Thanks to @Statium. (#1942)
  • Updated install instructions and scripts to not install development composer packages. (#1928)
  • Updated list styles to prevent additional margin/padding showing in nested lists. Thanks to @MikeyMJCO. (#1913, #1911)
  • Updated Russian translations. Thanks to @kostefun & @Statium. (#1885, #1837)
  • Updated translations for Vietnamese, Danish, Slovenian, Russian, German Informal; German, French, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Japanese & Chinese Simplified. Thanks to Crowdin Users.
  • Updated "Intended URL" logic to work when "Public Access" is enabled. Thanks to @Xiphoseer. (#1817, #1706)
  • Fixed error that would throw if a user logs in with GitHub while having has a blank 'name'. (#1853)
  • Fixed validation issues that could occur on image uploads in some environments. Thanks to @TBK. (#1900, #1570)
  • Fixed 'interaction_required' response returned for the Azure login that would show when MFA is enabled. Thanks to @ch0wm3in. (#1889, #1903)
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