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BoomSVGLoader is an AJAX solution for your SVG sprite.

This plugin simply loads your compiled SVG sprite into the page immediately after the opening <body> tag. The SVG sprite is wrapped in a visually hidden <div>. Original technique explained on CSS Tricks.

Simple Demo


There's a few options to get up and running with BoomSVGLoader:

  • Download the latest release
  • Clone the repo, git clone git://github.com/boomtownroi/boomsvgloader.git
  • Install with Bower: bower install boomsvgloader --save
  • Install with npm: npm install boomsvgloader


  1. BoomSVGLoader JS files are in the dist/ folder. Either add it to your script bundle build process or load it directly in the page.

    <script src='js/boomsvgloader.min.js'></script>

  2. Call BoomSVGLoader's load function with the path to your SVG sprite.


  3. Use your SVGs! The name after the # should match a symbol ID inside of your SVG sprite.

    <svg><use xlink:href="#heart"/></svg>


BoomSVGLoader is maintained by using the Semantic Versioning Specification (SemVer)

Copyright and License

Copyright 2015 BoomTown under the MIT License