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Calculate SparqlScore of Stardog with TFT
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tft-stardog : Stardog

Calculate SparqlScore with TFT in local


# Download docker's images 
docker pull bordercloud/tft-jena-fuseki
docker pull bordercloud/tft-virtuoso7-stable

# Compile the docker's project 
docker build -t tft-stardog .
# Deploy network of SPARQL services

docker run --privileged --name instance.tft-stardog -h tft-stardog -d tft-stardog
docker run --privileged --name -h -d bordercloud/tft-virtuoso7-stable
docker run --privileged --name -h -d bordercloud/tft-virtuoso7-stable
docker run --privileged --name -h -d bordercloud/tft-virtuoso7-stable
# for local
docker run --privileged --name instance.tft-database -d bordercloud/tft-jena-fuseki

# docker network inspect bridge

git clone --recursive
cd TFT

# install SPARQL client
composer install 

# install JMeter for protocol tests
tar xzf apache-jmeter-4.0.tgz 
mv  apache-jmeter-4.0 jmeter
rm apache-jmeter-4.0.tgz 

Start tests

Add parameter debug if necessary '-d'

php ./tft-testsuite -a -t fuseki -q \

php ./tft -t fuseki -q \
                    -u \
          -tt fuseki -te \
          -r   \
          -o ./junit  \
          --softwareName="Stardog" \
          --softwareDescribeTag=X.X.X \
php ./tft-score -t fuseki -q \
                          -u \

Stardog's endpoint is near of Fuseki.

Docker docs

Delete containers of TFT

docker stop instance.tft-database
docker rm instance.tft-database
docker stop
docker rm
docker stop
docker rm
docker stop
docker rm
docker stop instance.tft-stardog
docker rm instance.tft-stardog

Delete all containers

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Open bash in container

docker exec -it instance.tft-stardog bash
docker exec -it instance.tft-database bash

Realign SPARQL API with Varnish

Install Varnish 6 and modules

yum install python-docutils automake autoconf libtool ncurses-devel libxslt groff pcre-devel pkgconfig

chmod +x ./
yum install varnish varnish-devel

git clone
cd varnish-modules
make install

Check test

varnishtest rewriting.vtc

Test on server

docker exec -it instance.tft-stardog bash
#varnishd -C -f /etc/varnish/default.vcl
vi /etc/varnish/default.vcl
systemctl start varnish
systemctl enable varnish


journalctl -f -u stardog
journalctl -f -u varnish
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