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Stremio Open Directories Add-on

Search for HTTP streams on Open Directories with automatic Google searches.

This Add-on requires Stremio v4.4.10+

Note 1: After running the Stremio Open Directories Add-on for the first time, a config.json file will be created in the same folder as the add-on executable. You can edit this file to configure the add-on.

Note 2: Alternatively, you can also use command line arguments to configure the add-on. --only-mp4 will make it serve only .mp4 results (so the add-on can work in the browser, like on, --google-results=25 to set the number of Google results to parse, default is 25.

Note 3: If you overuse this add-on and make a lot of requests fast, Google can block the add-on from making further requests. This block can last for a few hours but can be bypassed if you go on Google from your browser and solve the captcha.


Run Open Directories Add-on

Download Open Directories Add-on for your operating system, unpack it, run it.

Add Open Directories Add-on to Stremio

Add as an Add-on Repository URL in Stremio.