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Add API Documentation to README #173

ajpiano opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The docs for jQuery.tmpl are no longer included in, and I don't foresee us adding them back to there. I think the best solution is to just include the API documentation in the README, as is popular for many open source projects of similar scale and complexity as jQuery.tmpl. Although the plugin is deprecated, it seems many are still reliant on it and the documentation should be somewhere.

This issue is essentially porting over @listrophy's tweet from earlier today, so thanks for that.




+1 I needed this today, but.. =/


If anyone is still interested in this, I've submitted a pull request that should go towards correcting the issue. #175

@ajpiano ajpiano closed this in 489cf3e

Very nice. Thanks Wayne. This leads the way. :). This is one topic, from the 13 that are listed here, so logically, this process could be continued to add the other twelve. (And then, for more fun, adding in the demos :))

I know a lot of folks are missing the docs a lot, so this is great. I did receive an email suggesting I add the docs to my blog, which could also be an option. Otherwise just adding to this README might be fine, especially if navigation between topics can be included, as hash anchor links, within the document... Maybe we should keep this issue open, since so far we just have one documentation topic out of 13.

@BorisMoore BorisMoore reopened this
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