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The original official jQuery Templates plugin. This project was maintained by the jQuery team as an official jQuery plugin. It is no longer in active development, and will be superseded by JsRender.
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jQuery Templates plugin vBeta1.0.0

Note: The jQuery team has decided not to take this plugin past beta. It is no longer being actively developed or maintained. See vBeta1.0.0 tag for released beta version. Requires jQuery version 1.4.2.

Note: A new template plugin fully supported by the jQuery Team is now being developed as part of jQuery UI. More details on the history of this can be found at and . Track progress and participate in the design at

jQuery templates contain markup with binding expressions ('Template tags'). Templates are applied to data objects or arrays, and rendered into the HTML DOM

Documentation for the jQuery Templates plugin can be found on the jQuery documentation site:

See also for more background.

Live versions of demos from this repository can be found at

The beta1 version of jQuery Templates is available on CDN at:

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