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no value when variable undefined #7

defunctzombie opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Is there a way to use a variable with {{=my_var}} and have it not print anything when that variable in undefined?

I am trying to do something like:

And the page is showing "undefined" as the value. I would prefer to not see any text.


I do realize a custom helper tag could be used but I figured a special case for undefined might be nice.


This is now supported: {{=my_var undef=""}}

Set undef to the desired default value to be rendered when the variable is undefined...

@BorisMoore BorisMoore closed this

Would it not be useful to make it default behavior that undefined === "" ? Seeing the word undefined seems a bit out of place.


I wanted to avoid built-in defaulting to "" since that would affect perf (on the normal case where values are all defined) by adding a test for undefined in the compiled template. So I proposed an opt-in approach.

However I have now managed to create a fix which does default to "" without significant perf impact. So I have removed the "undef" feature. The 09_helper-tags.html sample shows how to create a custom tag that allows setting other default values than "".


Awesome! Yea, I was using a custom helper tag before to just check for undef. Having empty string be the default is much preferred :) Thanks for the quick response.


Great for undefined but when {{my_var}} is int 0, it displays an empty string.


@danlevan I think @BorisMoore said that he has a fix for this and it will be released soon.


Yes, that's right...

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