Latest commit 0f0b9fe Aug 31, 2015 @BorisMoore Commit 67 (v1.0.0-beta.67 - Beta Candidate)
Added quick start documentation as


- One very minor breaking change: the $.views.compile(...) alias
  for $.templates has been removed from jsrender.js, but is still
  available for Node.js (e.g. for Hapi templates integration) as


- This version of JsRender will be published on NPM.
  Install using:
  $ npm install jsrender

- Browserify Support:
  JsRender on Node.js provides a built-in Browserify transform
  for including compiled JsRender templates from the server, as part of
  the client javascript bundle generated by Browserify.

  Usage example:

  var tmplify = require('jsrender/tmplify');
  browserify(...) ... .transform(tmplify) ...

  See also

- Continuing work for documentation/deployment to NPM. See

Bug Fixes:

- #172