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ObjectObservable, removeProperty / delete #60

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Did not find anything related when searching, so doing a new ticket for this.

I'm trying to bind against an object which is used as a hashmap to store items. ObjectObservable currently supports setProperty. Are there any plans for removeProperty / delete?


Currently you can set to null, "" or undefined, as in setProperty("propName", null). In each case {{:propName}} will render the empty string, as it would if the propName key does not exist. I think this is sufficient for almost all scenarios.

So no current plan to have a removeProperty. Do you think it is needed?


You can also call delete a.propName yourself once you have called setProperty("propName", undefined)

Nevertheless, I will keep this open as a feature request. I don't think setProperty("propName", undefined) should delete the property automatically since some users may which to iterate through properties, including those with the value undefined. So that implies this request would be for a new API - removeProperty, which would set to undefined, and then delete...


This feature now exists: $.observable(myObject).removeProperty("propertyName") 5f815bc - Commit 54

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