Improved integration between data-linking updates and animations #70

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kaste commented May 18, 2012

I'm just too stupid for MVVP, but I have some nice 'views', they update automatically as soon as I get new data from the server, but nobody sees it.

So how do we do our 'slideUp' 'slideDown' 'blink' dance?


BorisMoore commented May 26, 2012

I haven't got to that yet! But it may be possible even with current APIs. Hope to get to it at some point, and you are right that it is important to ensure that it is not difficult to add animations to updates driven by data linking...

The goal would be to make it possible both via the MVP presenter, and without using presenters as such.

kaste commented Jul 3, 2012

Since jsviews is going the jQuery way, it would feel natural if we could:

$.observable(data).insert(0, 'data').filter('input').closest('div').blink()

laktak commented Aug 21, 2012

You say it's possible with the current API? Do you have a small sample?



BorisMoore commented Aug 21, 2012

Sorry, I don't. (I said - or meant to say - that it may be possible, but I haven't experimented with it yet...)

kaste commented Sep 8, 2012

I had a working sample

Look at #96

laktak commented Sep 11, 2012

Too bad this no longer works with the current version (afterInsert is OK but beforeRemove is broken).


BorisMoore commented Apr 8, 2013

Keeping open as a feature/help topic request for good animation integration.


BorisMoore commented Sep 2, 2015

Closing "After V1.0" issues for now - to reopen as appropriate.

BorisMoore closed this Sep 2, 2015

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