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link=false not working for {{if}} at all #74

athalay opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Csabi Boris Moore

I read that you advised to use link=false inside {{if}} conditions when they are inside a tag, because by default additional html-comments are generated around the if-condition-body.

I'm trying the following:

{{if level==1 link=false}} fikusz{{/if}}

But still html comments are generated around "fikusz". I want to use this approach to set/unset css-classes, but they don't work are simple content either.

What do I do wrong?

Boris Moore

You are correct. That is not currently working.

There have been some changes to how link and render interact, to ensure that if you call render, the annotations are never created. But with the new implementation, if you call link, the opting out of the link annotations within a specific tag such as {{if}} by setting link=false is not currently working, and needs to be re-implemented.

I will try to add that feature back in soon, and will update here when it is available. Thanks for calling this issue out.

Boris Moore

Fixed in a92f67f (Pre beta version 17)

Boris Moore BorisMoore closed this
Aria Stewart aredridel referenced this issue from a commit in blumenthals/RapidWeb
Boris Moore Support for setting link=false.
(Fix for BorisMoore/jsviews#74, and related
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