Latest commit cdaa002 Dec 21, 2015 @BorisMoore Commit 71 (v0.9.71 - Beta)
- Many documentation improvements - including new JsViews
  Quickstart, and additional JsViews API topics.

- New "Search" feature on
  (BorisMoore/ and

- #322: view.get(true)
  now returns the first inner (child) view (of any type)

- Added support for {else} in data-link expressions when doing
  top-level data-linking: data-link="{if a tmpl='yes'}{else tmpl='no'}"

- Simplified API for unlink:
  $(selector).unlink() replaces previous API: $(selector).unlink(true).
  $.unlink(selector) replaces previous API: $.unlink(true, selector).

- link methods on tags and views are only added if linked.

- Added support for <label> wrapping radio buttons in data-linked radio
  button group - so you can click on the label to change the radio button

Minor breaking change:
- {{mytag tmpl="foo"}} - "foo" template now replaces or wraps the content,
  as previously, but unlike previously, does not take precedence over a
  template declared in the tag definition. That template is still used to
  render {{mytag}}, but if it includes content, as {{include tmpl=#content/}},
  then the "foo" template will replace the rendered block content
  {{mytag}}...{{/mytag}}, or can itself wrap any block content using
  {{include tmpl=#content/}}

- Bug fixes: