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Commit 63 (Beta Candidate)

- Removed minor undocumented feature where custom tags
  could return false from init.
- When an observableArray changes, the property change
  notification for the length change is now before the
  array change notification. (For better behavior in some
  complex scenarios).

- A new itemVar feature allows you to set a context variable
  on any tag, to provide access to the block context, even
  within nest tag blocks below.
  e.g. {{for people itemVar="~person"}}
  See BorisMoore/jsrender#256

- New dom change notifications feature: A new domChange()
  method on data-linked tags will raise a "jsv-domchange"
  event on the parent element. {^{for}} and {^{if}} both
  use this method to raise a "jsv-domchange" event whenever
  they modify the DOM as a result of observable data changes.
  See, and unit
  tests for "jsv-domchange".

- childTags("myFlowTag") can now be used to find instances
  of flow tags such as {{for}} and {{if}}, as well as
  custom (non-flow) tags. See unit tests,
  e.g. view.childTags(true, "if")

- Many new unit tests added for the above new features.

- Some small additional bug fixes.
latest commit 8700d57014
@BorisMoore authored
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