GIMP Plugin to create tilesets from sample images
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Resyth Tileset v0.1.0

This plugin expands upon the Resynthesizer plugin to synthesize tilesets. It requires that plugin installed. Tested with GIMP 2.8.


Install GIMP 2.8 and the Resynthesizer plugin, found at or

Then copy to your plugins directory (which can be found in GIMP's Preferences > Folders), and restart GIMP.


Delete the files added in installation.


Resynth Tileset works much like the base Resynthesizer in texture transfer mode. It expects a sample image, and input output maps describing how to map parts of the sample to the output. However, now the output map must be in an expected format, a 10 by 5 layout of tiles.

Use Filters > Tileset > Generate Resynth Tileset Output Map to generate an example output map with the right format. It can be edited further to customize the output, before running Filters > Tileset > Resynth Tileset to generate the actual image.

Further explanation can be found in the wiki on github:


This code is licensed under the GPL3 copyright Adam Newgas 2013.