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Sep 13, 2022
Dec 7, 2015

PowerShell | IPv4 network scanner

Powerful asynchronus IPv4 network scanner for PowerShell.


This powerful asynchronus IPv4 network scanner for PowerShell allows you to scan every IPv4 range you want ( to would work). But there is also the possibility to scan an entire subnet based on an IPv4 address withing the subnet and a the subnetmask/CIDR.

The default result will contain the the IPv4 address, status (Up or Down) and the hostname. Other values can be displayed via parameter (Try Get-Help for more details).


To reach the best possible performance, this script uses a RunspacePool. As you can see in the following screenshot, the individual tasks are distributed across all cpu cores:


If you are looking for a module containing this script as function... you can find it here!

Maybe you're also interested in my asynchronus IPv4 Port Scanner.


.\IPv4NetworkScan.ps1 [-StartIPv4Address] <IPAddress> [-EndIPv4Address] <IPAddress> [[-Tries] <Int32>] [[-Threads] <Int32>] [[-DisableDNSResolving]] [[-EnableMACResolving]] [[-ExtendedInformations]] [[-IncludeInactive]] [<CommonParameters>]

.\IPv4NetworkScan.ps1 [-IPv4Address] <IPAddress> [-Mask] <String> [[-Tries] <Int32>] [[-Threads] <Int32>] [[-DisableDNSResolving]] [[-EnableMACResolving]] [[-ExtendedInformations]] [[-IncludeInactive]] [<CommonParameters>]

.\IPv4NetworkScan.ps1 [-IPv4Address] <IPAddress> [-CIDR] <Int32> [[-Tries] <Int32>] [[-Threads] <Int32>] [[-DisableDNSResolving]] [[-EnableMACResolving]] [[-ExtendedInformations]] [[-IncludeInactive]] [<CommonParameters>]

Example 1

PS> .\IPv4NetworkScan.ps1 -StartIPv4Address -EndIPv4Address

IPv4Address   Status Hostname
-----------   ------ -------- Up

Example 2

PS> .\IPv4NetworkScan.ps1 -IPv4Address -Mask -DisableDNSResolving

IPv4Address    Status
-----------    ------  Up Up

Example 3

PS> .\IPv4NetworkScan.ps1 -IPv4Address -CIDR 25 -EnableMACResolving

IPv4Address    Status Hostname           MAC               Vendor
-----------    ------ --------           ---               ------  Up          XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX AVM Audiovisuelles Marketing und Computersysteme GmbH Up XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX ASRock Incorporation