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Frontend code template in preact

This template is to be used for frontend applications.


  • State management with jotai
  • Around 13.53kb after brotli compression (this includes everything) 😱
  • preact under the hood with preact/compat makes it compatible with virtually any react library but still makes it faster
  • Full TypeScript support — no dangling types
  • vite packager and devtools make building and development lightning fast
  • tailwind-css built-in with 'daisyui'
  • GitHub Actions that lint and check the code on pull requests
  • prettier and eslint configured, enabled and formatting your code on save
  • List of recommended extensions for VSCode
  • It is important to keep the bundle small, so a stats.html file is generated on yarn build to visually show you the bundle size

Local launch

  1. Install dependencies with yarn
  2. Run the server with yarn start