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My dotfiles and Visual Studio Code settings
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This dotfiles is meant to be run on a fresh install of OSX only.


xcode-select --install
git clone ~/dotfiles

A few more steps

Open Karabiner-Elements and enable the following complex modifications:

After setting Karabiner-Elements you can now close it and then proceed to installing Alfred then do the following:

  • Disable Spotlight's hotkeys
  • Set Alfred's hotkey to Command + Spacebar
  • Enable Web Bookmarks under the Features tab
  • Update the Web Searches

When you're done setting up Alfred you can move on to installing Spectacle. Set up its controls with the following:

  • Option + Command + H for Left Half
  • Option + Command + L for Right Half
  • Option + Command + K for Top Half
  • Option + Command + J for Bottom Half
  • Option + Command + M for Upper Left
  • Option + Command + , for Lower Left
  • Option + Command + . for Upper Right
  • Option + Command + / for Lower Right

Close Spectacle's preferences and then install Dash and Contexts. Be sure to set Dash and Contexts to dark mode after installing them!

That's it! You can now open Hyper or VSCodium.


I also have some Chrome Extensions, Apps and Games that I frequently use.

Call to action

If you want to share some ideas you can email me at

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