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This dotfiles is meant to be run on a fresh install of OSX only.


xcode-select --install
git clone ~/.dotfiles

Disable System Integiry Protection [?]

It is not recommended to disable SIP but this is required to run Yabai smoothly

  • Restart your Mac, then hold down Command + R key combination to enter recovery mode
  • Once it boots in, click on Terminal
  • Type in the following command to turn off SIP completely
csrutil disable
  • Restart the system

A few more steps

Open Karabiner-Elements and enable the following complex modifications:

After setting Karabiner-Elements you can now close it and then proceed to installing Alfred then do the following:

  • Disable Spotlight's hotkeys
  • Set Alfred's hotkey to Command + Spacebar
  • Enable Web Bookmarks under the Features tab
  • Update the Web Searches

You also need to setup Mission Control to be able to work with Yabai properly. Open Mission Control's settings then do the following:

  • Enable "Display have separate Spaces"
  • Disable "Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use"

Yabai will also be using the hotkey for taking screenshots and screencasts so that needs to be updated. Open the Keyboard section inside System Preferences then do the following:

  • Select Screenshots from the list of options on the left
  • Change the hotkey of "Screenshots and recording options" to option + cmd + p

Close System Preferences and then install Dash and Contexts. Be sure to set Dash and Contexts to dark mode after installing them!

That's it! You can now open Hyper or VSCodium.


As backup, I use MEGA to store all my personal music and movies. Be sure to sync ~/Movies/Mega\ Movies and ~/Music/Mega\ Music to their respective folders inside MEGA using MEGAsync!


I also have some Firefox Extensions, Apps and Games that I frequently use.

Call to action

If you want to share some ideas you can email me at