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Table of Contents


  • This package contains the Bosch Sensortec MEMS BNO055 sensor driver (sensor API)
  • The sensor driver package includes bno055.h, bno055.c and bno055_support.c files


  • Version of bno055 sensor driver is:
    • bno055.c - V2.0.3
    • bno055.h - V2.0.3
    • bno055_support.c - V1.0.4

Integration details

  • Integrate bno055.h and bno055.c file in to your project.
  • The bno055_support.c file contains only examples for API use cases, so it is not required to integrate into project.

Driver files information

  • bno055.h
    • This header file has the register address definition, constant definitions, data type definition and supported sensor driver calls declarations.
  • bno055.c
    • This file contains the implementation for the sensor driver APIs.
  • bno055_support.c
    • This file shall be used as an user guidance, here you can find samples of * Initialize the sensor with I2C communication - Add your code to the I2C bus read and bus write functions. - Return value can be chosen by yourself - API just passes that value to your application code - Add your code to the delay function - Change I2C address accordingly in bno055.h
      • Power mode configuration of the sensor
      • Get and set functions usage
      • Reading the sensor read out data

Supported sensor interface

  • This BNO055 sensor driver supports I2C and SPI interfaces


  • Copyright (C) 2015 - 2016 Bosch Sensortec GmbH