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Text Analytics Middleware

The Text Analytics Middleware offers Bot Framework middleware components for the Cognitive Services Text Analytics API. You will need an Azure account, as well as a Cognitive Services resource created on Azure. Take a look at the Microsoft Text Analytics API documentation for details.


npm install @botbuildercommunity/text-analytics-middleware --save


All middleware is created and used in the same way. For example, for sentiment analysis, import the SentimentAnalysis class from the package, and add it to your bot adapter:

import { SentimentAnalysis } from '@botbuildercommunity/text-analytics-middleware';


Note that the TEXT_ANALYTICS_API_ENDPOINT will be the Cognitive Services endpoint root. For example:

When used, the turnState on the TurnContext will have a property named sentimentScore between 0 and 1. A full example can be seen in the bot.js bot test file.

Supported middleware classes include:

  • SentimentAnalysis
  • LanguageDetection
  • KeyPhrases
  • EntityExtraction

Each class takes the two required parameters in the example usage above (with the SERVICE_CLIENT_OPTIONS parameter being optional).

In each case, properties are added to the turnState of the TurnContext. You can retrieve them in your bot via:

  • context.turnState.get('sentimentScore') //This is a number for SentimentAnalysis
  • context.turnState.get('language') //This is a string for LanguageDetection
  • context.turnState.get('keyPhrases') //This is an array of strings for KeyPhrases
  • context.turnState.get('textEntities') //This is an array of EntityRecord typesforEntityExtraction`
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