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Dialog Prompts

This is a (currently experimental) suite of dialog prompts that uses Microsoft's recognizer text suite to recognize certain types of input during a dialog prompt. Microsoft's Bot Framework team has implemented a handful of prompts using recognizers from the recognizer text suite. This library is meant to fill the gaps.

Currently, this library and subsequent NPM are experimental. Please use at your own risk. Feel free to test, debug, and submit pull requests if you come across any issues.


You can install this library via NPM:

npm install @botbuildercommunity/dialog-prompts --save

Number with Unit

The number with unit prompt allows you to prompt for four different unit types:

  • Currency
  • Temperature
  • Age
  • Dimension
dialogs.add(new NumberWithUnitPrompt('numberPrompt', NumberWithUnitPromptType.Currency);

It returns a NumberWithUnitResult. You can see the interface below.

export interface NumberWithUnitResult
    unit: string
    , value: any

Number with Type

Number with type allows you to accept numbers from the follow type enum:

  • Ordinal
  • Percentage
dialogs.add(new NumberWithTypePrompt('numberPrompt', NumberWithTypePrompt.Ordinal);

Phone Number

The PhoneNumberPrompt will extract a phone number from a message from the user.

Email Address

The EmailPrompt will extract an email address from a message from the user.

Internet Protocols

The InternetProtocolPrompt will extract one of the following types based on which InternetProtocolPromptType enum value is passed in:

  • IPAddress
  • URL

Social Media

The SocialMediaPrompt will extract one of the following types based on which SocialMediaPromptType enum value is passed in:

  • Mention
  • Hashtag


The GUIDPrompt will extract a GUID from a message from the user.