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Build highly conversational bots with Botfuel Dialog.

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What is botfuel-dialog?

Botfuel Dialog is an open source SDK that helps you build highly conversational chatbots using the MVC design pattern on top of Botfuel NLU.

Follow us

Support us

If you like what our developers have built, don't forget to star us on Github. Our team will highly appreciate it!

Where to start ?

To start using Botfuel, we recommend that you follow our Getting started tutorial. Once you are comfortable, you can continue with the many other tutorials.

If you want to know more about how to use Botfuel, please take a look at our documentation, which we are constantly updating.

Your bot for the most popular platforms

Use one of our adapters or create your own to make your bot compatible with any platform.

Check out our sample bots

Botfuel Dialog comes with sample bots which also serve as integration tests.

We also provide some standalone sample bots written with Botfuel Dialog. These are used in blog posts and in the documentation.

Contribute to Botfuel Dialog

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to open an issue.

In addition to your feedback, we also welcome your contributions. See our contributing guidelines.


See the License file.