Sample faceted search bot using Botfuel Dialog and FacetedSearch module
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Sample bot used in the FacetedSearch module

This sample bot is used in the FacetedSearch demo.

Create an app

  • Create a new app on Botfuel Trainer ( See the Getting Started tutorial for how to create a new app.

  • Add an intent with lable article with the following training phrases for examples:

    • I want to buy a pair of jeans
    • I want to buy a shirt
    • I want to buy some polos
  • Add an intent with lable greetings with the following training phrases for examples:

    • Hi
    • Hello

You can get examples of intents here :

How to run the bot

Clone the repository:

git clone

Install dependencies

cd botfuel-sample-facetedsearch
yarn install

Start the bot:

BOTFUEL_APP_TOKEN=<...> BOTFUEL_APP_ID=<...> BOTFUEL_APP_KEY=<...> yarn start shell-config.js

If you set your app credentials right, you should see:

2018-04-05T20:31:26.529Z - info: [Environment] BOTFUEL_APP_TOKEN=<YOUR_BOT_APP_TOKEN>
2018-04-05T20:31:26.531Z - info: [Environment] BOTFUEL_APP_ID=<YOUR_BOT_ID>
2018-04-05T20:31:26.532Z - info: [Environment] BOTFUEL_APP_KEY=<YOUR_BOT_APP_KEY>
2018-04-05T20:31:26.588Z - debug: [ShellAdapter] run

Try typing Hello and I want to buy a polo

Need help?

  • See Getting Started to learn how to run a bot in minutes.
  • See Concepts for explanations about the internals of the SDK.


See the License file.