Pure Swift NetService (Bonjour / Zeroconf / mDNS) implementation
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Pure Swift NetService (Bonjour / Zeroconf / mDNS) implementation

This module allows you to publish your own Bonjour service on the local network. On macOS NetService is included with Cocoa, however on Linux there's no such thing in the standard library. There might be rough edges, however things are shaping up nicely.

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See also NetService-Example.

Publish a NetService

This code will publish a new NetService. It will also setup both IPv4 and IPv6 listening sockets at an available port.

let service = NetService(domain: "local.", type: "_hap._tcp.", name: "Zithoek", port: 0)
service.publish(options: [.listenForConnections])
service.schedule(in: .main, forMode: .defaultRunLoopMode)
service.delegate = ...
withExtendedLifetime((service, delegate)) {

Browsing for NetServices

This code will start a search for the given service type.

let browser = NetServiceBrowser()
browser.searchForServices(ofType: "_airplay._tcp.", inDomain: "local.")
browser.delegate = ...
withExtendedLifetime((browser, delegate)) {


This library was written by Bouke Haarsma.