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Sublime Text plugin that autocompletes filenames
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AutoFileName: Autocomplete Filenames in Sublime Text

Do you ever find yourself sifting through folders in the sidebar trying to remember what you named that file? Can't remember if it was a jpg or a png? Maybe you just wish you could type filenames faster. No more.

Whether your making a img tag in html, setting a background image in css, or linking a .js file to your html (or whatever else people use filename paths for these days...), you can now autocomplete the filename. Plus, it uses the built-in autocomplete, so no need to learn another pesky shortcut.


If you are looking to autocomplete an image path in an HTML <img> tag:

Pressing control+space, will activate AutoFileName. I list of available files where be ready to select.

Looking for an even more automatic and seemless completion? Add the following to your User Settings file:

     "characters": "<",
     "selector": "text.html"
     "characters": "/",
     "selector": "string.quoted.double.html,string.quoted.single.html, source.css"

With this, there's no need to worry about pressing control+space, autocompletion with appear upon pressing /.

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