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A Monospaced Font
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A monospaced font for programmers and other terminal groupies.

TTF file is in ./build directory.

DaddyTimeMono Font Sample

Currently Featured

  • Unaccented Alphabet
  • Numerals
  • Punctuation
  • Box-Drawing Characters
  • CJK Fullwidth Unaccented Alphabet
  • CJK Fullwidth Numerals
  • CJK Fullwidth Punctuation
  • CP437/ANSI Line Drawing & Box-Fill Characters

TODO Features

  • CP437/ANSI Box-Fill Character Width
  • Accented Latin Characters
  • Powerline Symbols
  • Possibly Cyrillic


Digits inspired by the Corona PPC-400 BIOS font.

PPC-400 BIOS Font

All other characters by Jason Stewart.

Special thanks to:

  • George Williams and the entire FontForge team for making a useful creative tool freely available.
  • The ttfautohint team and their fantastic tool for making this font usable at lower resolutions.
  • Ricardo Bánffy of 3270 font fame for sharing an image of the Cordata PPC-400 BIOS font.
  • Whoever designed the PPC-400 font back in the day that has provided such sweet, sweet inspiration.


  • If you're using PuTTY, you will need to check "allow selection of variable-pitch fonts" for DaddyTimeMono to appear in the fonts dialog. The CJK fullwidth characters are twice the width of all other characters, and prevent PuTTY from recognizing it as a monospaced font.
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