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This project was executed by the academic engineering students Electronics and ICT at the University of Hasselt. A demo-module was made, showcasing printable electronics and OLED technology, for the institute of material research.

Capacitive buttons -The buttons are constructed of printed silver particles. Touch is detected through a 3mm thick sheet of plexi.

  • Will be replaced with OLEDs.

Illuminated buttons

  • By illuminating the plexi with an LED, engraved designs can light up.
  • Will be replaced with OLEDs.


  • By creating a row of isolated capacitive buttons, a slider can be created.
  • Absolute, relative or switchable between the both?

Humidity sensor

  • When moisture is added, the capacity of the sensor will rise.
  • Design leads to bad SNR --> make sensor less complex (test old bachelorthesis designs with same code)
  • Code a smithtrigger --> use sensor as timer.