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Slides for the Master in Veterinary Science of the Department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health
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Department of Reproduction and Herd Health

The mission of our department is to provide excellent education, scientific research and scientific and clinical services in the field of reproduction and obstetrics, herd health, veterinary epidemiology, veterinary legislation and practice management

This repository contains slides for multiple aspects of the Master of Veterinary Medicine in Veterinary Medicine with a focus on Ruminant Herd Health Medicine

Master in Veterinary Medicine

Dairy Herd analytics

Interpretation of production, reproduction records

Nutritional management

Information and tools to assist in managing dairy nutrition, including resources on forages, pasture, heifers, and calves.

Transition Management

The transition feeding phase can be defined by several different time periods. In this paper, the transition time period includes the close up dry cow (three weeks before calving) through the fresh cow time period (two weeks after calving). A successful feeding system and strategy delivers the needed nutrients to each cow to meet her requirements.

Reproduction and Genetics

Topics covered include heat detection, artificial insemination (AI), breeding program strategies, management aids, infertility, calving management, dairy genetics, and economic analysis.

Extension Work

Big Data in Dairy Research

This repository contains the slides for the Big Data in Dairy Research session

[View the slides online.](

Questions, feedback and suggestions welcome!

Please read and accept the contributor agreement before contributing.


Except where otherwise noted, the content of these slides is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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