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Help: fixed wrong event name in VideoPlayer documentation

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joshtynjala committed Aug 13, 2018
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@@ -61,14 +61,14 @@ player.addEventListener( Event.READY, videoPlayer_readyHandler );
The video texture may be accessed throught the [`texture`](../api-reference/feathers/media/VideoPlayer.html#texture) property. Until `Event.READY` is dispatched, the `texture` property of the `VideoPlayer` will be `null`.
Additionally, you should listen for [`Event.CLEAR`](../api-reference/feathers/media/VideoPlayer.html#event:clear):
Additionally, you should listen for [`FeathersEventType.CLEAR`](../api-reference/feathers/media/VideoPlayer.html#event:clear):
``` code
function videoPlayer_clearHandler( event:Event ):void
loader.source = null;
player.addEventListener( Event.CLEAR, videoPlayer_clearHandler );
player.addEventListener( FeathersEventType.CLEAR, videoPlayer_clearHandler );
This event is dispatched when the video texture has been disposed, and it must no longer be rendered.

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